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ted long

about the

ticad collegiate 2

At the age of 9, my son Hurly started competing in 18-hole junior tournaments. Obviously, he would not be carrying his bag for 18 holes. Over the next two years, I purchased various trollies. To be honest, I wanted a good trolley at a nice price. What I got was exactly what I paid for. They took up a lot of space in the car, broke easily and made it seem as though he was always working to get around the course. I knew about TiCad trollies, but I thought the price was a bit steep. 


After I had purchased the third trolley, it was obvious to me that had I bought a TiCad from the beginning, it would have already been paid for. I always wanted to provide my son with the best equipment, it just never occurred to me how important the trolley was. So I bit the bullet and bought a TiCad Pro. 17 years later, it has been all around the world and Hurly has never had one problem with it.

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I am always analyzing things and trying to optimize them; I guess that is why I became a golf pro. After using the TiCad Pro myself, I came up with some good ideas that I thought would make the best trolley on the market even better. I contacted TiCad and they were happy to talk with me and we formed a working partnership. Over the next four years, Hurly tested various versions to ensure that the product would exceed any expectation of the player.

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TiCad Collegiate 2_Profilansicht.png

The new TiCad Collegiate 2 is designed to be easy to travel with, light and easy to pull, and provide the player with necessary extras that facilitate ease of play.


I am happy to present to you, 

the last trolley you will ever own!

Ted Long

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